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A previous post on this blog talked about a recent case that, in the final analysis, may have been better off getting resolved through mediation or a similar process. The recent case involved a spat between two New Jersey parents over how much each should contribute to the cost of their son’s college education.

The case serves as a good opportunity to remind New Jersey residents facing a divorce or other family law issue about the advantages family law mediation offers.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage to mediation is that it is less expensive than taking the route of traditional litigation. The longer a case goes on, and the more involved it is, the more a person is going to spend on attorney fees and other expenses. Particularly if it happens relatively early in a case, mediation can save a person hundreds if not thousands of dollars, not to mention a lot of time and stress as well.

Another advantage to mediation is that it gives the couple more of a say in whatever the final decision about their issue is. Often, after a judge makes a decision, one if not both parties can walk away feeling like their needs or concerns were minimized or ignored.

Finally, mediation is especially helpful in family law cases because a couple will likely have to continue to have dealings with each other, especially if they have minor children in common. A successful mediation can set a positive tone for these necessary ongoing communications.

Mediation is not suitable for every case, but as we’ve discussed, it can be the right choice for many types of disputes. This is so even in a high-asset divorce, where items like college tuition and the like are on the table.