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When Domestic Violence Is Involved


Claims of violence are common in high-conflict divorces, and can greatly impact child custody, equitable distribution and several other critical topics. Courts take accusations of domestic violence very seriously and administer serious repercussions.

New Jersey defines domestic violence as a pattern of abusive behavior in a relationship used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another partner. While physical violence certainly constitutes domestic violence, charges can also be given for emotional and verbal abuse, intimidation, economic abuse and child neglect.

Domestic violence takes many forms other than physical abuse and has the greatest impact on children.

Litigating For Survivors Of Domestic Abuse

Emotions run high during divorce proceedings. This can result in violence in several forms being committed against a spouse. The attorneys at Diamond & Diamond, P.A., understand the fear and hurt that comes with abuse. We assist our clients in obtaining restraining orders and will see to it that the domestic violence is accounted for when the divorce goes to trial.

Defending Individuals Accused Of Violence

An accusation of domestic violence not only has a significant impact on an individual’s professional future, but also the future of their divorce proceedings. Our attorneys vehemently defend our clients and their rights in the face of accusations of violence. We have extensive litigation experience that keeps our clients well-protected.

Finding Help Where It’s Needed

The lawyers at Diamond & Diamond, P.A., understand the severity of domestic abuse and the effect it has on children. When an individual is guilty of committing an act of violence we always encourage them to seek effective counseling. Whichever side of the argument an individual is on, we provide consultations on where to find the help they need.

Powerful Representation After Domestic Violence

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