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When the rich and famous get divorced, there quite frequently is a fight over how the assets should be divided and whether there should be alimony obligations. Often, there are hard feelings after the process is done, and much of the couple’s private business was discussed at length in the media. Not all celebrity divorces are like this, however. Movie star Drew Barrymore recently reflected on her divorce and how she moved on after her apparently fairy-tale marriage came to an end.

Barrymore separated from her husband, Will Kopelman, after three years of marriage. The couple has two daughters together. Barrymore pointed out that during their marriage, she read an article saying that she had gotten the happy ending she had sought – but then her marriage ended.

Barrymore said that she felt like a failure after the marriage ended. She admitted that the divorce was a difficult period in her life, but she was able to get through it by focusing on being a great parent for her two daughters. She also described how she has gotten back into dating again.

One of the goals of a property division is allowing spouses to maintain a familiar lifestyle – something that can help both spouses transition to post-divorce life. This may require financial resources to be redistributed between the two spouses. In addition to a one-time property division, courts may order that one spouse pay alimony to the other to achieve an equitable distribution of property.

In a high-asset divorce, property division can be a contentious issue. Many New Jersey couples can agree on how to divide their assets. Other times, they may need the assistance of a mediator. If these kinds of dispute resolution techniques do not work, a judge may have to make the final decision.