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Quality Representation In Gay And Lesbian Family Law


Same-sex marriage has been legal in New Jersey since 2013. Same-sex couples face the same difficulties and hardships as all other couples, however. This includes the need for arbitration and mediation, financial support for their children and divorce proceedings when things come to an end.

Diamond & Diamond, P.A., welcomes all who need their legal services. We are experienced litigators that fight for our clients in the courtroom, as well as experienced mediators and arbitrators who will hear both sides and seek resolution.

Same-sex marriage has been settled on the federal level, but aspects remain complicated. Our attorneys can provide the answers you need.

Child Custody

Same-sex marriage is legally recognized in New Jersey, but child custody is less cut and dry. Call the attorneys at Diamond & Diamond, P.A., when you are facing complex child custody matters. We will ensure you understand the breadth of your circumstances and fight for you to gain custody in court if necessary.

Ending A Relationship

It was legally difficult for same-sex couples to end their relationships in the past. Marriage is federally recognized now, but separate considerations still need to be made when ending domestic partnerships, civil unions and when divorcing. It is always a wise decision to speak with a lawyer before ending a legal relationship to ensure the proceedings run smoothly.

Arbitration And Mediation

When both parties are prepared to compromise, alternative dispute resolutions can save both parties considerable time and money. The addition of a third-party mediator or arbitrator often makes a significant difference on both parties’ attitudes and outcomes

Assisting The People Of New Jersey With Their Legal Needs

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