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Post-Divorce Modifications And Other Issues


It is common for individuals to need to modify the grounds of their divorce in the years after it is made final. A post-divorce modification will require an individual to undergo a substantial change in life but is an option for improving a person’s situation.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators and mediators who have represented clients in all manner of legal modifications. We are admitted to practice in New Jersey at the trial, appellate and Supreme Court levels. We put ourselves at our client’s full disposal when they need a court’s decision re-evaluated or are facing any type of post-divorce issue.

Modifying Or Terminating Alimony

Alimony is designed to aid an individual in becoming a productive member of society again. There may be grounds to modify the order if the individual no longer needs the support, or if the other party is unable to pay.

Modifying Or Terminating Child Support

Both custodial and noncustodial parents may request child support modifications for several reasons. As children age they often require more resources. Alternatively, if the custodial parent receives a substantial increase in their income, the noncustodial parent could request to have their contribution reduced.

Modifying Child Custody

The court’s primary concern in child custody are the child’s best interests. The original custody and visitation orders can be changed for several reasons, including if the child’s emotional or developmental needs change, when there is evidence of abuse and when current orders become patently impractical. After age 12 the wishes of the child are also considered.


Moving out of New Jersey with a child requires a formal application, as well as consent from the other parent. When an agreement can’t be reached the issue will need to be resolved in court.

A post-divorce modification can alleviate the financial and emotional pressure when life changes. Consulting with the attorneys at Diamond & Diamond, P.A., can shed light on what can be done to improve the situation after divorce.

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