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The Stakes Are High In Divorce Involving Wealth


Business owners, high income earners and owners of high-value assets have a lot to lose in a divorce. New Jersey’s marital property laws are complex. Having the counsel and support of an attorney who knows the details of marital property is a wise decision that may safeguard these valuable investments.

The professionals at Diamond & Diamond, P.A., provide perspective on the best course of action for each of our clients’ situations. We provide the insight and guidance needed to come through a divorce with the resources needed to continue to grow.

Keeping Interests Out Of Harm’s Way

After children, the financial impact of divorce is one of people’s biggest concerns. There’s no shame in wanting to protect personal assets, businesses and property. With our knowledge of marital property, aggressive negotiation skills and courtroom experience, our clients can remain confident that they will receive what is a truly fair division of assets.

Alimony And Maintaining Your Lifestyle

Alimony and the fair distribution of marital property is critical to maintaining a familiar lifestyle. When our clients are raising children, this becomes especially true. These resources will keep children in the safe, stable environment they know, and help them continue to develop into successful adults.

Having access to the financial resources necessary to live a fulfilled life is instrumental in moving on after divorce. We at Diamond & Diamond, P.A., assist our clients in receiving what they need to move on. We assist in the alimony process and fight to ensure they receive fair payments.

Find The Solution You Need

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