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Child Custody, Parenting Plans & Related Matters


Child custody is one of the most misunderstood elements of family law. It considers who has decision-making power, who the child lives with and when, requires a yearly parenting plan scheduled to the hour in many cases, and several other factors.

Physical And Legal Custody Of Your Child

Child custody is split into two categories: physical and legal.

Physical custody determines who the child physically lives with. When a parent has sole physical custody, it means that the child lives with them almost exclusively. Shared physical custody allows parents closer to equal, or exactly equal, time with the child.

Legal custody determines which parent makes major decisions on behalf of the child. In New Jersey, parents will most often be given joint legal custody, granting them both decision-making authority. Sole legal custody is uncommon and is most often put in place by a judge after a parent is deemed unfit.

Parenting Plans

A well-written parenting plan is essential when determining child custody and may be required by a judge. These plans detail how parents will responsibly achieve their child raising duties. Parenting plans often include:

  • A daily schedule of which parent the child will be with.
  • The amount of child support to be paid.
  • The division of physical and legal custody.
  • The responsibilities of each parent.
  • The extent of the rights of other parties, including stepparents and relatives.

The attorneys at Diamond & Diamond, P.A., can assist in creating comprehensive parenting plans. Tempers often flair in conversations about child custody and child support. Our experienced mediators and arbitrators provide the services needed to create a plan that fits our clients’ needs.

Child Support And Alimony

Individuals often need additional financial support after a divorce, especially when children are involved. Child support is money paid to the custodial parent by the noncustodial parent to maintain a satisfactory level of care.

Similarly, alimony is a payment made to a spouse after divorce when they need additional funds to become financially self-sufficient again. Alimony in New Jersey is most often temporary and ends when the spouse is no longer in need.

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