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Helping you seek spousal support during divorce

Divorce can be an expensive process; however, when married couples in New Jersey seek to end their union, he or she will take on these costs. While these costs can be overwhelming during the dissolution process, some spouses are faced with more financial problems than others. In fact, when one spouse was the breadwinner, this can make it challenging for one to maintain the lifestyle they were used to during marriage post-divorce. In these cases, seeking alimony might be the proper step the take.

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When couples in New Jersey and elsewhere decide to end their marriage, each spouse may focus on one divorce issues over the others. In some cases, this is marital property, as property division can be a very contentious issue. However, in cases where one spouse is the breadwinner, alimony may be the focus during dissolution. Finances tend to be a major concern during divorce, making it important for divorcing or divorced spouses to understand how best to obtain, maintain, modify or even terminate alimony obligations.

Helping you with your alimony requests during divorce

Divorcing couples in New Jersey are faced with many decisions throughout the dissolution process. Whether it is a long marriage or short, the division of property is a necessary step to take. Oftentimes, divorcing spouses are very much focused on the finances of the divorce. Not only does the process cost them much money, but they have to consider what it will cost to live the same lifestyle he or she was accustomed to during their union. This can lead to some spouses to request for spousal support.

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