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The advantages of divorce mediation

A previous post on this blog talked about a recent case that, in the final analysis, may have been better off getting resolved through mediation or a similar process. The recent case involved a spat between two New Jersey parents over how much each should contribute to the cost of their son's college education.

Younger people turn to prenups in case of a high-asset divorce

A lot of New Jersey residents are doubtless tired of hearing the news items about how the millennial generation is supposedly killing various things, like golf or napkins. Family law attorneys, however, have noticed a trend among younger people. They have reported an increase in millennials' use of prenuptial agreements.

Happy ending is possible after a high-asset divorce

When the rich and famous get divorced, there quite frequently is a fight over how the assets should be divided and whether there should be alimony obligations. Often, there are hard feelings after the process is done, and much of the couple's private business was discussed at length in the media. Not all celebrity divorces are like this, however. Movie star Drew Barrymore recently reflected on her divorce and how she moved on after her apparently fairy-tale marriage came to an end.

Don't handle a high-asset divorce alone

Whenever a business owner, a high-income earner or a high-value asset owner divorces, there can be thousands and even millions of dollars at stake in the asset division. After the asset division, there often are large amounts of money involved in alimony payments as well. New Jersey spouses will want to remember that continued receipt of alimony can hinge on the living situation of the receiving spouse.

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