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Divorce, while a promising solution to your marital conflicts, can be a stressful decision to make. A single choice has the potential to impact multiple areas of your life and some changes will be permanent. At Diamond & Diamond, P.A., we are familiar with many of the conflicts you will face as you divorce your spouse in New Jersey and are committed to helping you work through these changes.

There are many factors that could have contributed to your decision to divorce your spouse. These could be related to differences in beliefs, disagreements over money or children, and issues like infidelity. According to CNBC, one study found that whopping 35 percent of marital problems stemmed from disagreements about finances according to at least 2,000 people that were surveyed. This statistic makes money problems the number one cause of marital stress for a majority of the population.

Research also points out that if you or your spouse make a significant amount of money and are thus accumulating a higher net worth, the chances that you may get divorced actually increase. When you are getting divorced and there is a lot of money standing between you and your spouse, the stakes will probably be much higher than a couple with lower net worth. The disagreements over who gets what could be more contentious and the subsequent negotiations could be lengthier.

When you understand how the money you have could impact your divorce, you may be better prepared to face reality with confidence and determination. For more information, if you are considering getting a divorce, visit our web page.