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When couples in New Jersey and elsewhere decide to end their marriage, each spouse may focus on one divorce issues over the others. In some cases, this is marital property, as property division can be a very contentious issue. However, in cases where one spouse is the breadwinner, alimony may be the focus during dissolution. Finances tend to be a major concern during divorce, making it important for divorcing or divorced spouses to understand how best to obtain, maintain, modify or even terminate alimony obligations.

As the saying goes, money cannot buy love. This is what is implied in a recent matter that involves a divorce New Jersey man that recently won the Mega Million jackpot. Despite him winning a $273 million jackpot, his ex-wife stated that she has no plans of returning to him. After a 15-year marriage, she divorced the unemployed man last October.

She stated that she was the breadwinner in the relationship and was the one that paid for everything during the marriage. Following the divorce, she was ordered to pay spousal support. She works as a cost analyst for a utilities company while her ex-husband is unemployed. And even though her ex is expected to take home $162.5 million after taxes, she stated that she is not going after him for anything. However, she hopes that he will do the right thing.

When one’s financial situation changes post-divorce, this can impact one’s ability to pay or receive alimony. Even though an order is in place to pay spousal support, it is possible to seek modification or termination of this order. If there has been a substantial change in circumstance, it is possible to get alimony lowered or even removed.