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Divorcing couples in New Jersey are faced with many decisions throughout the dissolution process. Whether it is a long marriage or short, the division of property is a necessary step to take. Oftentimes, divorcing spouses are very much focused on the finances of the divorce. Not only does the process cost them much money, but they have to consider what it will cost to live the same lifestyle he or she was accustomed to during their union. This can lead to some spouses to request for spousal support.

Alimony can look very different from one spouse to the next, making it important that divorcing couples understand what types of alimony could be requested in their particular situation. These matters can get complicated, which is why the attorneys at Diamond & Diamond, P.A., are dedicated to helping spouses in the Millburn area better understand their situation and options.

There are many factors to consider when one requests alimony. This can include parental responsibilities, employment and employability, financial needs and the standard of living experienced during the marriage. When these are other influencing factors are considered, one could seek temporary alimony, limited duration alimony, permanent alimony, rehabilitative alimony and even reimbursement alimony.

Depending on one’s unique situation, it may be necessary to include more than one type of alimony. However, no mater one’s situation, it is always possible to revisit the issue of spousal support if there is a substantial change in circumstances in the future.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s alimony website. Whether it is a divorce factor you have been considering since the beginning or it is something you are dealing with post-divorce, it is important to understand whether or not you are entitled to spousal support, how much, for how long and how you could modify these payments even after an agreement is entered into.